Products and Services for Accepting Payments

  Point-of-Sale Terminals

Point-of-Sale terminalNorthPay provides state-of-the-art point of sale (POS) terminal hardware that is also affordable. Accept debit or credit cards easily, no matter your business type. We will help you maximize the speed and efficiency of your business' payment processing.
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  Wireless Payment Terminals

Wireless POS terminalOur high tech wireless payment terminal offers GPRS connectivity in a compact design. Its removable, extra long-life battery is perfect for extended use between charges and can be re-charged by connecting the charger directly into the device or through an optional charging dock that includes dial backup. It’s wireless made easy.
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  Mobile Phone Card Swiper

Mobile phone card swiperAccept credit card payments on your Android, Blackberry, iPhone or iPad. Use your mobile device for credit card transactions at anytime and from virtually any location. Simply swipe your client's card and process payments immediately!
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  Internet Merchant Account

EcommerceAccept payments online using our Internet merchant account. It's a secure payment processing solution for accepting credit cards on your web store, and links directly with your bank account. Accept payment internationally while being paid in Canadian dollars.
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  Virtual Terminal

Internet paymentsEnter your customer's credit card information and authorize payments in real-time, using your desktop or notebook computer.  Our secure online portal allows you to process payments immediately, anywhere you have an Internet connection.
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  Payment Gateway

Payment gatewayE-Commerce merchants, use our payment gateway to integrate your shopping cart and checkout page with your online storefront. You will be able to securely transmit data and have the payment authorized in a matter of seconds.
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