Online shopping is an eco-friendly option for consumers

June 06, 2013 Author by Jennifer Collins
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Online shopping is an eco-friendly option for consumers

As more businesses consider ways to limit their operating costs, offering items over the internet may help. Selling products and services online could allow a retailer to boost its sales and extend its reach, which is becoming increasingly important in today's challenging economic climate.

Additionally, online shopping is quickly becoming an eco-friendly option for consumers worldwide. In fact, creating a virtual storefront may help more vendors garner attention from large groups of environmentally conscious customers in the near future.

Many businesses investing in online shopping solutions
Making it simple for customers to browse and purchase items over the internet is important for numerous merchants. For example, Automotive News notes that Edmunds recently launched a price guarantee program for automobile buyers. Those who visit this company's website can explore myriad cars and trucks available at dealerships nationwide and ensure that they receive the best prices if they decide to visit sellers' brick-and-mortar locations.

To date, Edmunds has at least 600 dealers already signed up to participate. These merchants could noticeably increase their profits thanks in part to the initiative, as they will be able to list their prices for car shoppers and ensure that these patrons receive the lowest rates at all times. 

"According to our research, which included talking with over 10,000 car shoppers, the biggest unmet need of car shoppers has been getting an actual price for a car," Edmunds president Seth Berkowitz said. "[This initiative] resolves that issue by offering an instant, locked-in price that the dealer will honor."

A convenient option for shoppers
By enabling patrons to review items online, vendors allow customers to save time and money. These shoppers no longer need to worry about trips to various brick-and-mortar locations to find numerous products, as these clients can simply view items on their PCs or mobile devices. Meanwhile, the internet opens new doors for retailers, enabling them to provide significant bonuses and discounts to web customers.

Many online rewards programs are also available to shoppers, giving them new opportunities to reduce their expenses when they buy items over the internet. Prodege, a company that offers web rewards to customers, is one of several firms that has been recognized for its efforts recently. As more businesses review their long-term options, many company officials may invest in solutions that make accepting online payments simple for patrons, which could allow these firms to profit.


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