Mobile devices changing business landscape

June 11, 2013 Author by Thomas Wheeler
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Mobile devices changing business landscape

The ability to accept online payments is becoming increasingly vital for online vendors of all sizes. As a result, more retailers are considering innovative platforms to handle customer transactions at all times, including merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions.

Additionally, various web merchants are searching for ways to support mobile device users, a trend that is likely to continue in the near future. Data recently reported by International Business Times shows that the value of items consumers bought with their smartphones and tablets rose by more than 81 percent between 2011 and 2012. In fact, this figure may increase further if more consumers rely on first-rate gadgets to purchase products on the web.

Because mobile devices enable users to access information at any time, these gadgets can make it easier for numerous customers to complete fast, secure transactions. MediaPost Communications notes a new Nielsen study revealed that about one-third of smartphone users intend to make purchases within one hour after beginning their searches for products over the internet, highlighting the efficiency of buying items online.

As more web merchants consider options to boost their profits, numerous vendors could depend on quality solutions to assist mobile shoppers over the next few years.


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