Many retailers benefit from both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores

May 27, 2013 Author by Jennifer Collins
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Many retailers benefit from both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores

Finding the best way to reach a target audience is a major challenge for vendors worldwide. However, credit card processing systems are profitable solutions that can make it easier for merchants to accept credit and debit card payments. In fact, these platforms may allow more shoppers to buy items both in stores and online over the next few years.

Beanstalk Toyland & Bookstore, an Illinois retailer, recently launched an e-commerce website that may allow this company to noticeably increase its sales. According to the Chicago Tribune, online shoppers can purchase the same items they will find at the vendor's brick-and-mortar store at any time and could help this merchant boost its profits over the next few years.

"Now, parents and kids can find the latest and best toys and books without having to leave their homes," Aly Pedowitz, spokesperson for Beanstalk Toyland & Bookstore, told the newspaper.

Numerous options are available for online merchants
Offering products and services online is worthwhile for retailers that want to extend their reach. Because the internet gives firms multiple opportunities to interact with clients, businesses that use payment processing solutions could support customers who prefer buying items online instead of visiting brick-and-mortar stores.

For example, the news source points out that Beanstalk Toyland & Bookstore still offers its gift wrapping services for free to in-store and online shoppers. While patrons may sometimes expect limited options when shopping online, vendors that make the most of their opportunities to connect with clients could enjoy significant profits.

Shoppers are interested in online discounts
Saving money is important, particularly for those that want to reduce their expenses in short periods of time. By accepting online payments, both big and small retailers could lower their operating costs and help their customers as well.

Vendors can offer online discounts to shoppers, including incentives for those who use their credit or debit cards to purchase products over the internet. With credit card processing systems, merchants can manage fast, secure transactions, while customers can enjoy reliable support.

The IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark report, released in May 2013, showed that more shoppers made online purchases in the week leading up to Mother's Day. Researchers found that the number of web shoppers increased 15 percent during this time frame on a year-over-year basis. Additionally, the study revealed that more vendors made it easier for customers to buy items on smartphones and tablets as well, and mobile devices may help more online merchants improve their profits in the near future.


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