Many full-time employees setting up their own online stores

June 04, 2013 Author by Jennifer Collins
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Many full-time employees setting up their own online stores

As more full-time workers search for ways to supplement their incomes, recent data shows that many of these employees are using e-commerce solutions to boost their salaries. According to StartupSmart, numerous professionals are launching their own online stores, a trend that may continue in the near future. 

Because merchant accounts and credit card processing systems are readily available to people around the globe, it is becoming easier than ever to establish a web-based business. As a result, more full-time staff members are using their spare time to create unique web shops, which may allow them to significantly profit.

"Online stores are a much more affordable way to check to see if there is demand for your product, and then you can slowly grow," e-commerce expert Eddie Machaalani told the news source.

Web merchants can save money
The current economic climate is difficult to navigate, especially for business leaders who want to instantly reap the rewards of an improving economy. Competition is fierce among online vendors, and those that can differentiate themselves from rivals could benefit for years to come. 

By launching web stores, business owners can benefit in several ways. In fact, these professionals can reach large groups of customers without delay and avoid various operating costs commonly associated with brick-and-mortar shops if they sell items over the internet. 

"As a merchant, if you want to open up a business and a physical premise, you can try it [online] for much less," Machaalani told the news source. "You can learn about the business, see what the competition is like and start to buy more from suppliers to get better prices."

Online shoppers helping companies around the world
While many people make purchases online regularly, a new study indicates that more shoppers want seamless experiences when buying items on the web. In the June 2013 Exolevel Seamless Retail Study of 750 U.S. consumers, researchers found that 49 percent of patrons want retailers to offer multiple customer service options to shoppers. By finding new ways to interact with clients, more online vendors could noticeably improve their customer satisfaction levels by providing quality support.

Web retailers that consider the benefits of merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions could increase their profits immediately. With these systems, online vendors can ensure that patrons will be able to complete fast, secure transactions at any time.


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