Wal-Mart plans to install 10,000 self-checking point-of-sale terminals in 2013

November 02, 2012 Author by Michael Smithson

The retail store of the future could allow customers to pay in new ways.

In order to provide today's empowered consumers with more convenient payment options, Wal-Mart recently announced plans to install 10,000 self-checkout point-of-sale terminals in 1,200 of its United States locations. These solutions can serve as quick alternatives to shoppers who would rather leave products behind than wait in long lines to complete their purchases.

"Our customers are shopping differently than they ever have, and we're using innovative technologies like self-checkouts to meet their needs," said Jeff McAllister, senior vice president of innovation for Walmart U.S. "Our multiple checkout options give us a unique advantage to provide our customers with the quick, easy and convenient checkout experience they tell us they want."

The self-service trend may be on the rise, as consumers continue to adopt mobile technology that allows them to browse and buy goods on their own, no matter where they are. This technology, among others such as virtual dressing rooms and electronic wallets that store all the plastic cards we currently carry, may sound novel now, but they might actually be commonplace in the "store of the future," according to The Boston Herald


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