Urban Outfitters installs mobile point-of-sale terminals to capture more sales

November 05, 2012 Author by Jennifer Collins

Some stores are implementing mobile point-of-sale terminals to capture additional sales.

Younger consumers have expressed greater desire to participate in the mobile payment processing trend than older consumers. Having grown up with the internet and cellphones, the consumer demographic between the ages of 18 and 34 are more likely to embrace the ability to pay via smartphone. This is why youth-focused brands, such as Urban Outfitters, have decided to replace their traditional point-of-sale terminals with new wireless models, according to Multichannel Merchant.

In a recent interview, Urban Outfitters chief information officer Calvin Hollinger told RIS News that the selected devices can facilitate payment processing and handle inventory processes. While the new technology offers the brand a leg up over competitors, it also enables the company to better accommodate its customers, Multichannel Merchant explains.

"If you come into a store and we don't have your color or your size, the sales associates can find a color or the size somewhere in the enterprise," Hollinger told analysts, as reported by the source. "The application displays the closest three stores that have the particular item the customer is seeking."

If companies don't want their customers to leave stores empty handed, they can consider upgrading their point-of-sale terminals with new devices that allow sales associates to monitor and manage inventory and also complete payments quickly. 


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