Rogers developing more mobile payment processing technology

March 20, 2013 Author by Thomas Wheeler

Rogers is developing more mobile payment processing technology

Merchant accounts across Canada are about to start raking in payments more quickly and efficiently - Rogers Communications, the nation's largest wireless carrier, is set to forage deeper into the market for mobile payments, according to the Globe and Mail.

Rogers' "suretap" service, which stores users' financial information for fast payments using a mobile phone instead of a traditional credit card, is set to expand into tens of thousands of cash registers across Canada. The service is expected to be offered on a variety of different smartphone brands, including Android and BlackBerry 10 devices.

"To continue driving adoption and growth of mobile payments in Canada, it is essential that a strong ecosystem is established to include multiple devices, operating systems and payment networks," said Jeppe Dorff, Rogers' vice president of transaction services.

There is definitely demand for more payment options, as mobile commerce has seen a definite rise in recent years. According to survey data, 17 percent of Canada's 22 million adult mobile phone users have made at least one mobile payment within 12 months. Volume of such payments is expected to increase 62 percent each year between now and 2015.


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