New technology opportunity comes to Canada

December 04, 2012 Author by Jennifer Collins

New technology opportunity comes to Canada

Consumers that wanted help with their Microsoft products either had to look to online forums, place a phone call to a company helpline or head south of the border to a retail location. However, that is no longer the case - Microsoft storefronts are expanding into Canada, allowing individuals to get help with products and purchase new devices at pos terminals inside.

According to, Canada's first Microsoft store opened November 16 at Toronto's Yorkdale Mall. The store has an open layout to promote a more welcoming feeling, the source specified, and more space to try out new products, from video game systems to personal computers.

The Globe and Mail indicated that this offering is set to be very popular with Canadian shoppers - thousands of individuals attended the grand opening of the store. Many customers were eager to try the latest products offered by the company. This new development could also be very lucrative as the winter holidays approach.

For fans of the brand in other areas of Canada that not yet have storefronts, the company has an ecommerce website where shoppers can purchase items and pay to have merchandise shipped to their front doors.


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