Many companies consider ways to optimize mobile e-commerce

May 15, 2013 Author by Thomas Wheeler

Many companies consider ways to optimize mobile e-commerce

Businesses that enable clients to buy a wide variety of items with their smartphones and tablets could gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. In fact, more firms are reviewing the benefits of accepting online payments through mobile devices as part of their efforts to boost their sales.

Practical eCommerce notes that a recent mobile payments survey showed that 66 percent of smartphone and tablet users want improved load times for online transactions. If companies invest in payment processing systems that make it easier for clients to complete quick, secure purchases, many businesses could enjoy long-term success thanks in part to these top-notch solutions. 

Additionally, major retailers such as Macy's are reaping the rewards of world-class payment processing systems to support online shoppers. Reuters notes that Macy's profits and sales rose in the first quarter of 2013, thanks in part to the retailer's investments in online shopping platforms to assist customers around the globe. As Macy's and other merchants consider new ways to differentiate themselves from rivals, mobile e-commerce solutions may help many vendors significantly improve their profits in short periods of time. 


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