Expect to see more guys at the register this year

December 04, 2012 Author by Michael Smithson

Expect to see more guys at the register this year

People of all ages flock to stores to complete their Christmas shopping before Santa makes his annual trip. Kids spend their hard earned allowances, while their parents tend to frequent credit card machines. However, many industry veterans think that one demographic will be particularly prominent at the register this year - men.

According to the recently released 2013 Retail Trends Report published by BPN, males are taking on the task of shopping with much more frequency, a trend that is expected to continue into next year. The report revealed that 40 percent of guys are the primary shoppers in the average household, while 86 percent of men surveyed noted that they have an obligation to do whatever is necessary to help their households run smoothly, citing holiday shopping as one responsibility.

Companies may also want to make sure that their ecommerce payment gateways are up and running, because a recent report from Deloitte found that men tend to shop online more than women, according to the Toronto Star. The source added that males also spend more online - an average of $370 per ecommerce venture - which may spell success for ecommerce sites this holiday season.


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